Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Kabbalah Revealed" with Tony Kosinec

I've just finished watching all 15 episodes of "Kabbalah Revealed" with Tony Kosinec and I would highly recommend watching them. All 15 episodes are available on

  1. A Basic Overview

  2. Perception of Reality

  3. The Path of Pain & the Path of Torah and Mitzvot

  4. The Force of Development and the Meaning of Suffering

  5. Introduction to the Four Phases of Direct Light

  6. The Screen

  7. Equivalence of Form

  8. There’s None Else Beside Him, Part 1

  9. There’s None Else Beside Him, Part 2

  10. Free Will, Part 1

  11. Free Will, Part 2 “The Four Factors”

  12. The Difference Between Kabbalah and Religion

  13. Defining the Goal

  14. Revelation and Concealment

  15. Inanimate Vegetative Animate Human


  1. I can't find a website for him, other than his facebook profile:

  2. You can find lots of video materials with Tony, on

  3. I am inspired and deeply moved by these lessons, I have been catching them as catch can on tv. I feel a real affinity to the truthiness ( pardon the expression) of the Kabbalah as revealed by Him. So many truths I have seen in searching are fitting into the picture. Thank you mr Kosinec for putti g this series out and your excellent teaching style.