Saturday, October 24, 2009

Becoming God

I haven't read Becoming God yet, but it looks interesting.

Becoming God

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  1. dunno why I got here, but I've just listened to "Ford" talk a bit, and what he says pretty much sounds like he simply had an epiphany of common sense. I'm perfectly fine with oneness, but sometimes I don't like the way it's marketed. In fact, it shouldn't be marketed at all. Instead it just shouldn't be DENIED to us when we grow up. Every being is born as one with itself and the world. This destructive kind of separation is purely artificial. Not to say economical, in that it makes us buy stuff. And since pretty much our entire world (or at least most of the energy that drives it) is based on that separation, it's very hard to get rid of. Just don't let it happen to your kids. BTW, I believe one way towards unification is open source software ;-)