Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Perspective of Reality

All is one. There is complete unity. The material world is a sort of dream inside of this unity. I have always felt a sense of this unity at an intuitive level. However, by direct experience of transcendental states of consciousness, I have perceived reality in ways that make mere intuition pale in comparison.

The most profound state that I have experienced is one that I would describe as the source of all consciousness. This state imparts a feeling of pure ecstasy. To describe it in a few words, it feels like a warm and fluffy plasma that is one with all things. It couldn't possibly feel any better. It's pure and absolute goodness. Pure ecstasy. Having experienced this state, and believing it to be the foundation of reality, gives me faith that I have nothing to fear in life.

I believe that this state is synonymous with what is called Dzogchen by some schools of Tibetan Buddhism. In other schools of thought, it might be called Higher consciousness or Cosmic consciousness, among other things.

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